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Musical Journey

It is a long story: It all began in New York City where his biological mother frequented venues like the Paradise Garage and the Funhouse introducing him to the sounds of Garage, Sal Soul, Freestyle, Funk, Jazz, Rock'N'Roll and eventually House music. He was later inspired by Jellybean Benitez. Afterwards his cousin's boyfriend and babysitter got him his first residency spot at the age of 12 at a youth night recreation center and eventually started playing raves and rollerskating rinks as a teenager. At the time he was too young to get into the nightclubs, his babysitter would teach him how to make mixtapes and spin records on turntables from the House and Disco edits that she was playing at the discotheques. 

Through contacts at the time in the Rave scene he found himself playing afterhour parties at local posh lounges, warehouses and nightclubs, one specific night known as Blur where deejays and industry workers brought their entourage of clientele and friends  to renowned venues like the Limelight and Twilo.

 He later was inspired by an Italo-Disco and House Dj in the the early 90's and began playing Raves in several cities; during this time he met promoters at Club L.A. Galaxy where he began working for several years.

At Blur he met Tony De Vit and eventually relocacted to the UK for several years where he performed at Tunnel, various music festivals and other venues before returning to the States. 

 After relocating back to New York he held a residency at Exhale for several years. Since then he has continued to move around the world and performed in renowned hotspots like Ibiza, Los Angeles, London, Germany, Florida and Las Vegas to name a few all while developing his production and remixing skills. 

BlackHeart impressively burst onto the DJ scene in recent years. Since then he has acquired a creative ingenuity and a signature sound as he continues to develop as an artist. A slew of hot tracks and unconventional performances has become an addition to his dossier. 

“It’s a challenge, but I wouldn’t change it for the world,” says BlackHeart.

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